Commission for University Education



The Commission for University Education was established by an Act of Parliament, Universities Act, No. 42 of 2012as the successor to the Commission for Higher Education which was established under Universities Act Cap 210B of 1985.


To promote the objectives of university education, by regulating and accrediting universities and programmes, among other functions.


Accessible and sustainable quality university education


To regulate and assure quality university education through setting and enforcing rules, standards and guidelines for global competitiveness

Quality Policy Statement

The Commission is committed to ensuring increased access to sustainable quality university education and training through planning, coordination, resource mobilisation, quality assurance enhancement and information service.
In pursuit of this commitment the Commission shall:

  1. Endeavour to recognize customer requirements and their challenges;
  2. Meet and strive to exceed customer expectations;
  3. Ensure that the quality objectives are implemented, monitored and reviewed regularly to be in line with the changing environment of university  education in Kenya and beyond;
  4. Align its quality management system with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 statutory and regulatory requirements;
  5. Communicate the policy within the organization and ensure it is reviewed for continued suitability.


  1. Promote the objectives of university education;
  2. Advise the Cabinet Secretary on policy relating to university education;
  3. Promote, set standards and assure relevance in the quality of university education;
  4. Monitor and evaluate the state of university education systems in relation to the national development goals;
  5. License any student recruitment agencies operating in Kenya and any activities by foreign institutions; 
  6. Develop policy for criteria and requirements for admission to universities;
  7. Recognize and equate degrees, diplomas and certificates conferred or awarded by foreign universities and institutions in accordance with the standards and guidelines set by the Commission from time to time;
  8. Undertake or cause to be undertaken, regular inspections, monitoring and evaluation of universities to ensure compliance with set standards and guidelines;
  9. Collect, disseminate and maintain data on university education;
  10. Accredit universities in Kenya;
  11. Regulate university education in Kenya;
  12. Accredit and inspect university programme in Kenya;
  13. Promote quality research and innovation,  and;
  14. Perform such other functions and exercise such other powers as the Commission may deem necessary for the proper discharge of its mandate under this Act.