The Division of Quality Audit and Standards (QAS) delivers on the mandate of the Commission for University Education by spearheading the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and review of the Quality Assurance Mechanisms in all universities authorized to operate in Kenya. This entails formulation of regulations, standards and guidelines on internal quality assurance and advising universities on institutionalization of internal quality systems; training directors of quality assurance in universities; and overall coordination of regular institutional and programme quality audits of all universities on compliance with legal requirements and conformance to set standards. QAS also contributes to formulation and implementation of Global and Regional Conventions on Recognition and Equation of Qualifications from Foreign Universities; coordinates the establishment of linkages, partnerships, collaborations and benchmarking between foreign and local universities and local institutions; and links QAS activities with Quality Assurance Agencies nationally, regionally and globally. QAS Division is responsible for overall coordination of recognition and equation of qualifications from foreign universities; and licensing Student Recruitment Agencies for foreign universities.

The Division of Quality Audit and Standards adopts the standards-based peer review mechanisms, involving over 500 peer reviewers drawn from university academic staff; researchers, former university vice chancellors; resource persons, and experts in industry.  The Division Head is the Deputy Commission Secretary (DCS), Quality Audit and Standards who is responsible to the Commission Secretary/CEO for overall coordination, strategic direction and leadership of the Division and coordination of internal quality assurance of CUE.

Departments in Quality Audit and Standards Division

The Division of Quality Audit and Standards (QAS) is made up of two Departments, namely,

Quality Audit department; and

the Department of Standards, Recognition & Equation of Qualifications (SREQ).

Functions of Quality Audit and Standards Division

Based on the functions of the Commission for University Education as spelt out in section 5 of the Universities Act, No. 42 of 2012 (Amendment), QAS

Division delivers on the functions listed below, under the corresponding sub-sections indicated as follows:

1.    Regular Institutional Quality Audit, monitoring and evaluation of universities to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Universities Act, 2012 and prevailing Universities Regulations, Standards and Guidelines (Section 5(1)(h).
2.    On regular basis inspect Universities in Kenya (Section 5(1) (i). 
3.    Quality inspection of academic programmes (Section 5(1) (l).
4.    Recognize and equate degrees, diplomas and certificates conferred or awarded by foreign universities and institutions (Section 5(1) (g).
5.    License any Student Recruitment Agencies operating in Kenya (Section 5(1) (e). 
6.    License any activities by foreign Institutions (Section 5(1) (e).  
7.    Monitoring and evaluation of Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) systems in universities (Section 5(1) (c).
8.    Partnerships/linkages and collaborative arrangements between foreign universities and local institutions (Section 28(2).
9.    Monitor compliance with minimum standards (Section 5(1) (h). 
10.    Periodically review the criteria for recognition of qualifications.

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