Prof. Mwenda Ntarangwi

Commission Secretary & CEO
Commission for University Education


That the world is constantly changing is now a truism. From Uber changing the way people use Taxis to Airbnb changing people’s hotel reservations, not to mention 3-D printing that is threatening the future of manufacturing. In education, online course offerings have had its share of scaring universities and the future of traditional modes of learning and content delivery. At the centre of these changes is technology, the very tool that universities build, test and train users. But humans have a tendency to want to stay within the known and tradition. Universities are particularly averse to rapid change due to their struggle to balance tradition with change. But it only takes a small trigger to send the world into forced change. The global phenomenon that has seen Coronavirus has done just that—forced everyone to change in unprecedented ways. Within a few weeks of the emergence of the virus, learning institutions have had to close. Institutions that had embraced the new world of technology have been able to maintain their learning through various online platforms. But what if the virus was attacking the very technology we have come to depend on so heavily? What if it affected our means of communication? How do we continue to do university education in this era of disruptions and constant change?

Expected Outcome

The expected outcomes of the conference are::

 Establish current gaps in leveraging technology to respond to disruptions in university education so as to enhance quality, relevance, access and student experience;

 Initiate and develop strategic partnerships and networks amongst policy makers, think tanks, scholars, and key stakeholders in university education; and

 Generate materials to be used as reference for further engagement on the topics.s


Conference Sub-Themes

 Sub-Theme 1: Leveraging Technologies for Enhanced Teaching and Learning Outcome.

 Subtheme 2: University Education in the Context of Covid-19 Pandemic: Achievements, Challenges and Experiences.

 Subtheme 3: Towards Sustainable University Financing.

22 Speakers
Unlimited participants
300 tickets
2 days event